Sliding window 60

Sliding 60mm Series...

                     Our sliding window and door systems are the best entrances for our country, as we enjoy the poles apart climatic situations; Their huge dimensions, large openings, versatile usability , concealed technology and cost effectiveness make them one of the most suitable range for the home market.

Key Features....

• Glazing thickness up to 20 mm
• Multiple sliding window solution  possible.
• Wide range of accessories
• Integrated uPVC interlock guarantees perfect tightness

Casement 60mm Series

            An IDEAL 2000 window for an idyllic living space which will recoil your place’s dynamic look and give long durability which will make it one of the most profitable deal you could ever have.

Ideal 2000 key features...

  1. Glazing thickness up to 35mm.
  2. Outstanding sound insulation up to sound transmission class IV(43dB)
  3. Three different shash design.
  4. 3-chamber profile system.
  5. Thermal insulation value Uf=1.6W/m²K

Monorail System..60/72 mm

  For economic and smarter window system, we fix one side as ventilator and the other side is slid-able.

Key Features

  • Glazing thickness up to 20 mm.
  • Unique sliding window solution with fixed and movable parts.
  • Customizable fixed part .