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UPVC partition with door.

UPVC partitions are made from Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, a durable material used for office and home partitions.

UPVC Window Gardern.

Innovative solution for simple problems. Old window in office is replaced with projected UPVC partition to accomodate simple gardern setup in NLC office .

Upvc window gardern
5. UPVC Cupboards

UPVC Wardrobe and Loft.

Personalised UPVC Wardrobe in bedroom along with Loft with magnetic door closure.

UPVC TV cabinet.

Unparalleled inovation with existing solutions. Only firm to fabricate TV cabinet with UPVC solutions.

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6. UPVC Modular Kitchen

UPVC Modular Kitchen

UPVC Modular kitchen with all accessories are provided as per personalised customisations.

UPVC Security cabinet.

Why Not !!!!! We are providing fully operational UPVC security cabinet as per your request.

UPVC Cabins (2)